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For an introduction to the practice of Zen, see:

  • Questions to a Zen Master, by Taisen Deshimaru (available through See also Deshimaru's The Way of True Zen, an edited version of his essential teaching, also available through Amazon.
  • Opening the Hand of Thought, by Kosho Uchiyama. Written by a disciple of Kodo Sawaki, this book contains an excellent description of shikantaza Zen practice.
  • No Fear Zen, by Richard Collins.¬†Written by Tony's dharma brother, an excellent introduction to Zen practice in the Deshimaru tradition as it comes through Robert Livingston.
  • Buddha Takes No Prisoners, by Patrick Ophuls. Although written by a practitioner of Insight Meditation, this is an excellent introduction to practice. See Tony's review here.
  • The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo, a little gem, recently republished, with commentary by Kosho Uchiyama and Shohaku Okumura.